Choosing a workplace is in itself cumbersome under normal circumstances, but given the continued consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, there are other things you’ll now also want to consider.

The coronavirus pandemic has not only had a significant impact on the global economy but also on the job status of many. Companies all over the world have had to endure stoppages in operations, while others have seen their sales decline as consumers tighten their belts due to job loss or hospitalization.

Now, you might be wondering if you should change jobs right now or consider looking for one altogether. While experts anticipate a recession, it remains best to keep networking and applying, and remember that industries like e-commerce and offshore accounting have found ways to remain business as usual amidst the trying times.

And, as you take a look at some of these companies for your next career move, there are some considerations you may want to make, given the present circumstances:

Consider working ‘offshore’

In countries like the Philippines, COVID-19 remains a little more trying as there remains much to be desired in terms of public pandemic response. As a result, locally-based companies have presently put a hold on their hiring given the uncertainties in the economy.

However, companies with partners overseas have continued to offer career opportunities as their businesses are not restricted to the local market. Organizations that offer BPO and accounting services in the Philippines, for example, continue to hire as their services are utilized by clients and customers overseas. In fact, in a recent study conducted by Bond Business School Australia and Staff Domain, Inc., 1 in 4 firms offshore outsource, and a huge percentage intend to significantly increase their offshore outsourcing in the next two years.

If you’ve yet to experience working BPO or offshore accounting jobs, and other related roles, now are as good a time as any to look into what opportunities lay ahead with companies whose operations span the globe.

Understand companies’ pandemic responses

It’s one thing to find a job during the pandemic, it’s another to find companies who have responded adequately to it. While it’s great being able to continue working throughout these times, it is equally as valuable to be able to do so with an employer that puts its team’s success and well-being in high regard.

When choosing between employers, consider what protocols they have in place to help you ensure that you not only succeed in fulfilling your role during the pandemic, but can also do so in relative safety and good health.

Ponder on all aspects of the job you are applying for, and whether it can be done at home, requires some amount of commuting or going to the office, or interacting with other people. Then ask as much as you can about the efforts which the company takes in ensuring employees’ well-being in all these scenarios during the pandemic. These can range from the healthcare benefits they provide, the protocols they’ve set for the office, or their implementation of working remotely.

Still try to play the long game

The present norm for some is to find a “for-right-now” job that will get them through the pandemic, so it goes without saying that if your needs are urgent that you should apply for every vacancy you see. However, there is still a chance that you also come across a longer-term career opportunity.

Take advantage of today’s slowed job market by considering all of your career plans and determine if any of the available jobs in the market can help you in the fulfillment of these. Then be prepared to think about your role more broadly, and possibly pivot to an adjacent position that would also make use of your experience and skills.

For example, if you are a duly licensed accountant yet are having trouble finding roles within local companies, you might want to consider finding employment in an offshore accounting firm. You’ll have to get familiar with accounting practices overseas, and will likely have to train in one or more new accounting software, but in this instance you’ll also be expanding your experience and expertise to an international level while, of course, being duly employed during the pandemic.

Looking to take meaningful strides in your accounting, tech, or e-commerce career despite the pandemic? Staff Domain is the team to join!

Through our high-performing offshore teams in Manila, we work with a number of thriving small and medium businesses around the world, providing you the opportunity to share your experience and expertise, while gaining more, at the international level.

All this while providing you a comprehensive work-from-home set-up that will help ensure your health and well-being.

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Based in Pasig City, Metro Manila, Philippines, and with offices in the United States, Australia and Hong Kong, Staff Domain boasts the best talent who take pride in the work and the professional choices they make. The company’s state-of-the-art facility exceeds the expectations of working professionals and ensures productivity—a space where smart professionals and businesses can grow together.

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